The AIA Beauty Bundle is a bi-monthly subscription box giving you exclusive access to influencer brands and products at an incredible value!
Each box features an influencer and their 5-6 FULL-SIZE beauty products, based on their passion and expertise, ranging from makeup, skincare, and haircare.
All products in each bundle retail for a combined total of OVER $100. You can only get these products for that value by subscribing here!
With each purchase, $1 is donated to City Of Hope for cancer research and our fight against COVID-19!

Subscribers will receive 5 to 6 full-sized beauty products per bundle. Each bundle will focus on a specific category of beauty (makeup, skincare, haircare), so you will not be receiving duplicated items, and each box will feature an influencer and their products!

Subscribers will receive 5 to 6 full-sized beauty products per bundle. Each bundle will focus on a specific category of beauty (makeup, skincare, haircare), so you will not be receiving duplicated items, and each box will feature an influencer and their products!

OVER $100!!- The combined retail value of all the products in each bundle. Get these items exclusively with us for ONLY $34! 
Beauty Bundle influencers typically work with our lab to develop each item based on their expertise and passion for the products.

Unfortunately, customization is not available for the Beauty Bundle at this time, but stay in our social circle for new launches, promos and updates!

Unfortunately, you cannot choose a bundle from your favorite influencer, but we promise every bundle will soon become some of your favorite products! Let us know which influencers you would like to see create their own products on our social channels or through the “Contact Us” page on our website.

The influencer created products are only available in the AIA beauty bundle, don’t miss out on the limited access to these exclusive products! Maybe one day you’ll see them on the shelves of your favorite retailers😉

While this is not in our plans, we do listen to our fans – YOU! Join in our feedback community on our social (@aiaawards) or the Contact Us page on our website, and let us know what you would like to see, or who you want to see again! We will always do our best to bring the best, and exactly what you want!


After your first purchase, your bundle will be charged on the fifth (5th) day of every other month (see below for more details), and your bundle will be shipped within 5 days of your card being charged! Please allow 5-10 business days for the bundle to be on your door step. Please note that shipping windows are estimates and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.
*International shipping timeline will vary based on region.

The day you sign up: Receive the box of that particular month. Your next charge date will be the next closest date below: 
      – August 1st: August / September Bundle 
      – October 1st: October / November Bundle 
      – December 1st: December / January Bundle 
      – February 1st: February / March Bundle 
      – April 1st: April / May Bundle  
      – June 1st: June / July Bundle 

*** Please note if you prepay for 6 boxes, you will be charged once yearly on one of the dates above. If you prepay for 3 boxes, you will be charged twice per year on 2 of the dates above. 

Current subscribers are ALWAYS the FIRST to receive the new bundle! If you are quickly being charged a second time, all that means is you purchased your first box towards the end of a 60 day subscription cycle and got it just in time! 
The NEW bundle box was JUST RELEASED and you are now being charged a second time to ensure you are one of the FIRST to receive it! Now you will be charged approximately every 60 days moving forward! See the “When will I be charged for my Subscription” above, to see your future payment schedule. Examples below:  * Please note: you of course receive a new bundle of products with each charge below: 

Signed up 7/31 (PST) 
         1st charge – 7/31 
         2nd charge – 8/1 
         3rd charge – 10/1 

Signed up 8/2 (PST) 
         1st charge – 8/2 
         2nd charge – 10/1 
         3rd charge – 12/1 

Signed up 10/9 (PST) 
         1st charge – 10/9 
         2nd charge – 12/1 
         3rd charge – 2/1

* If you prepay for 3 boxes, you won’t be billed again until you receive your 3 bundles (billed twice per year) and if your prepay for 6 boxes, you will not be billed again until you receive your 6 bundles (billed once per year).

You must subscribe by 11:59pm PST on the last day of the month to receive that month’s bundle. 
If you subscribe on the 1st of the month (PST), the first box you receive will be the “new box” of products!

We never anticipated the excitement level of new subscribers and their desire to purchase the previous bundle. We listen to our “AIAers” and are working on offering previous bundles to new subscribers. Stay tuned!

You have three subscription options: 
-1 box:  $34, billed and sent bi-monthly. Product value is over $100 for each bundle. 
-3 box: prepay $96 ($6 savings!), billed every 6 months and we send a new bundle every other month. Over $300 Value! 
-6 box: prepay $190 ($14 savings!) which covers your beauty for the whole year! Billed once per year and we send a new bundle every other month! Over $600 value! 

December / January  
February / March  
April / May  
June / July  
August / September  
October / November  
December / January  

Once you have been billed for a new subscription activation or a subscription renewal, we are not able to offer a refund, return, or exchange. However, you can cancel future subscription renewals.

You can cancel ANYTIME! Once you cancel you will not be billed or shipped another bundle until you subscribe again. You can simply cancel by logging into your account and clicking “cancel”.

Yes, we are excited to have the Beauty Bundle available to our fans and friends in the following locations: 

Canada, Please note there is an additional shipping fee for international orders, and a possible longer transit time. Follow us on Instagram @aiaawards for announcements on territory expansion!

Canada has a $25 shipping fee per box.

Canada has a $12 shipping fee per box and all other countries are charged an additional $25 shipping fee per box.


How its work


Congrats! You will now receive the newest influencer created brands at your doorstep bi-monthly! $1 per bundle donated for Cancer Research!
How its work


You will receive a tracking number for your Bundle 48-72 hours prior to your delivery. (We ship internationally too! Refer to the FAQ for more details.)
How its work


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