Guy Tang


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The Guy Tang Beauty Bundle is a full-size 5 product limited edition collection!

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Included in This Bundle:

Guy Tang hair care bundle

5oz /147ml


Protecting Quick Dry Spray

  • Reduces blow-dry time by sealing in essential moisture, while repelling any excess water
  • Provides heat protection to help prevent hair color from fading
  • Protects against damage and breakage. Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so the less time spent under the heat, the better
  • Significantly improves combability and manageability for a smooth finish
  • Adds shine and reduces frizz

#Hairbestie Tip: “I love to spray this on damp hair after applying #MyHairLube for the ultimate time saver, while providing intense slippage & hair color protection. #YoureWelcome” -Guy


Rose Gold Shimmer Spray

  • Adds a dimensional rose gold shimmer that does not affect hair color
  • Light mist absorbs easily into the hair while detangling and smoothing
  • Improves hair manageability & adds shine #ThatShineTho
  • Perfect for all hair colors, types & textures
  • Formulated with one of Guy’s favorite fragrances – cherry blossom

#Hairbestie Tip: “I love adding #MySpotlight to a finished up do or sleek pony! The high-def shimmer is out of this world!” -Guy

Guy Tang hair care bundle

3.4oz /100ml

Guy Tang hair care bundle

3.5oz /.89ml


Hair Finishing Lubricant

  • Reduces breakage by 98% for healthier looking hair
  • Controls frizz & flyaways, especially around the hairline after blowdrying
  • Improves overall shine, manageability & smoothness for a polished look
  • Provides thermal protection up to 450° & humidity resistance up to 24 hours
  • Formulated with one of Guy’s favorite fragrances – cherry blossom
#Hairbestie Tip: “I prefer to apply #MyHairLube on dry hair before styling, so it fully absorbs into the ahri without weakening the hold from the hairspray.” -Guy


Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Color Securing – Prolongs color tone & vibrancy up to 50 shampoos
  • Formulated without sulfates, parabens & sodium chloride
  • Thick rich lather, unlike any sulfate-free color care system
  • Softening Effect – From extra thick consistency
  • Extra Slippage – Perfect for detangling backcombed hair after a balayage
  • Super Shine – For an increased color reflection
  • Defog the color – Provides a super clean feel with a pH of 5.7 to remove the most oil & dirt while minimizing color wash out
#MyConfidant Color Securing Shampoo & Conditioner: #Hairbesties this is how you protect your work!
Guy Tang hair care bundle

10oz /295g